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ITEMScope of Exhibition
Welding Equipment Inverter welding M/C, Plasma welding M/C, Friction welding M/C, Argon welding M/C, Spot welding M/C, Arc welding M/C, Laser welding M/C, Projection welding M/C, AC & DC arc welding M/C, TIG arc welding M/C, MIC & MAG arc welding M/C, Inertia friction welder, High dense hot plate welding M/C, Submerging arc welding M/C, Tube automatic welding M/C, Pipe automatic TIG, Brazing equipments, Soldering equipments, Ultrasonic welding M/C, Plastic welding M/C, Induction soldering equipments & brazing equipment, etc.
Welding Materials Material for welding, Welding wire/rod, Aluminium ally welding rod, Copper alloy welding wire, Covering arc welding rod, Surface hardening rearing welding rod, Cat iron/Stainless welding rod, Duplication metal welding rod, Gas shield arc welding material, Silver soldering material, Soldering & Brazing alloy material, Surface coating material, Tungsten electrode rod, Gas for welding, Welding raw subsidiary materials. etc.
Welding Anything Machinery Welding wire supplier, Welding cable, Welding jig, Welding gun, Torch , Arc holder, Spring balance, Purge monitor, Monitoring system, Auto welding carriage, Tungsten grinder, Arc welding transformer, Chiller, Precipitator, Welding cleaner, Regulator, Flash back arrestor, Vaporizer, Flowmeter, Flow control valve, Ceramic material for welding, Condenser for welding, Semiconductor, Raw, subsidiary materials for welding, etc.
Welding Automation Welding robots / automatic system, Welding automatic equipment, Welding plant automatic equipment, CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D planning/3D Simulation, Automatic welding device, Slide base, Welding line tracking system, etc.
Cutting Equipment Laser cutting M/C, Oxygen/Air/Plasma arc cutting M/C, Gas cutting M/C, Mechanical cutter, Saw blades, High-speed cutter, Pipe cutter, Circular saws, All/Semi automatic cutting M/C. etc
Laser Equipment Lasers for making, cutting, welding. Laser equipment, Laser heat treatment system, Laser tools for surface layout, Laser subsystems for operations. Etc
Inspection Tools Nondestructive testing equipments, Ultrasonic thickness measurer, Longitudinal measurer, Nondestructive machinery and materials(UT, PT, MT), Radiation rays transmission, Magnetic Nondestructive inspection technology and service, etc.
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