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  Metal & Metallurgy 2021
The 7th International Welding and Cutting and Laser Equipments Industry Exhibition Incheon Korea 2021
Jun, 9 ~ 11, 2021(3 Days) Songdo Convensia Incheon Korea
Every other year (as many as every 2year/even year) Holding Next term exhibition: May, 2022
Come to the New Welding Market in the Northeast Asia , the center of Pacific region!
Do you want to be a leading player in Korean Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments markets?
Take the chance in "The 7th International Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments Exhibition Incheon" (iWELDEX 2021)
Incheon & Gyeongkido province are traditionally the center of automobile, iron & steel, Assembly metal, metalworking, Sheet Metal, Steel construction, shipbuilding, Airline, harbor, Construction and logistics industries and have a heavy weight in Korean economy.
Outline of Welding Incheon Korea 2021 Exhibition
Name of Exhibition The 7th International Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments Exhibition
Abbreviation iWELDEX 2021(Welding Incheon Korea 2021)
Period Installation : Jun 7(Mon) ~ 8(Tue) 08:00~20:00(2Days)
Exhibition : Jun 9(Wed) ~ 11(Fri) 10:00~17:00(3Days)
Removal : Jun 11(Fri) 17:00~22:00(5Hours)
Venue Songdo Convensia Incheon Korea
Scale of Exhibition 100 companies from 10 countries, 250 Booth, 4,400㎡
Organizer Metal Network Korea Company, Welding korea Monthly
Tel:82-41-675-5031 Fax:82-41-675-0280
Sponsors The National Association of welding
PR Media Welding Journal Korea Monthly, Marine & Shipbuilding Monthly, Monthly Machinery Journal, Tools journal, Metal Network Korea(magazine), Steel Structure Technology Monthly, Welding Equipment Enterprises Korea, High-tech Journal, Process Control Instrumentation Technology Monthly Magazine, Monthly New Product Information
This is the place of opportunity for Welding and related industries to be able to show their capacity.
You can meet new products that are environment-friendly and automatic-oriented in the 'Welding Incheon Korea 2021' from Jun. 9 to 11, 2021. Also, you can meet buyers, manufacturer and distributor with a strong purchasing power, which June be directly connected with your sales results in welding facilities, materials and cutting equipments and etc.

We bet that iWELDEX 2021 will be the right place where you, exhibitor can invite your important buyers as VIP.
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